LHC, which stands for Lighthouse Crypto, was founded by Lumenascent, and is a collective of people who believe in growing together, and making the crypto and NFT space as best as we can. Our values are incredibly important to us, and we believe in them very strongly!

Our collection, lhcnftsonwax (LNOW), is a WAX chain-based NFT project focused on promoting the idea of collective-growth through value, scarcity, utility, and fantastic art of all kinds. We believe that we all can rise together, without needing to step on anyone to do it.
We are determined to make LNOW a force to be reckoned with on WAX, and to be well-known as a bright and shining community and pr

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September 2022


    • I never thought it would happen so quickly, we exceeded my timeline by nearly 5 months!! Thank you so much to everyone who's purchased any amount of Dawn, I appreciate you more than I can ever express!

  • First (and only for awhile) BP Leaderboard Challenge started 9/5/22, ends 9/19/22.

    • This challenge seriously showed some of the mistakes that I've made with LNOW and it's set up

  • Started work on Series 4 and 5

    • Series 4 (name tbd) will be a creator-focused collection, and will solely contain NFTs from all kinds of different creators! The hope is to use this Series to amplify the reach of smaller creators (all types of creators are welcome, from music to artwork, and everything in between!), as well as help give them at least a small amount of profit from their creations. More information on Series 4 details can be found in the Lightpaper

    • Series 5 (A Brilliant Journey) is themed entirely around a story based on LNOW. This will give depth and some interesting story to the collection, and will be released over quite a long period of time, with different story arcs being released one at a time (can think of it similar to "seasons" of a TV show or project). The majority of this series will be generated by AI due to my personal inability to bring the thoughts and ideas in my mind to life, and no artist at the moment to pay to create them either. So AI it is!

      • The generated images will be selected very carefully, making sure that they fit the vision that I have for the images. I also sometimes use the things that the AI comes up with that I didn't think of including as additional story elements. They may be AI generated, but they will be more thematically based than any of the Series 3 NFTs, and will also include story elements.

    • Series 5 also includes the addition of new elements to the LNOW ecosystem: Shadow, Dim, Bright, and Light Spheres (Dim and Bright being steps between Shadow and Light), Cracked Light Spheres, Light Essence (LE), SHADE token, and SPARK token.

      • Spheres will be used to blend for redeemable prizes within the blend page on LNOW's NeftyBlocks page

      • In order to use them to redeem, they will need to be "purified" using Light Essence.

        • Light Essence will only be purchasable using LIGHT token

        • It will take a total of 10 LE to purify 1 Shadow Sphere from Corrupt to Purified.

          • You will also be able to use LE to "restore" Cracked Light Spheres.

          • LEs price has not been set yet

          • There will be a cooldown on all purchases related to Spheres; Light Essence, Shadow Spheres, Cracked Light Spheres, etc. This is to try to prevent too much whaling from happening

          • Spheres, along with SPARK and SHADE, will be used to blend NFTs into different types of that same NFT, with the blend result's element aligning with the resource blended with it (SPARK > "Light" element, SHADE > "Shadow" element)

          • WAXDAO farms will be created (once Farms V2 is launched, should be coming soon) enabling holders to stake their new NFTs for token rewards back. The Shadow Farm will give back SHADE, and the Light Farm will give back SPARK.

            • Series 5 NFTs will likely not be stakeable in the regular 'lhcnftsfarm' NFT Farm that gives back LIGHT. This is to keep the NFT count from spiking heavily, and to maintain the idea of balance that I have between the three tokens and the NFTs.

          • You can use SPARK and SHADE to purchase Spheres, SHADE will buy Shadow Spheres, SPARK will buy Cracked Light Spheres

          • SPARK and SHADE will not be tradeable on Alcor or TacoSwap for WAX. They become tradeable for LIGHT in the future, but that is not a guarantee.

          • Some new features will be added alongside these new additions, such as "breaking" a Sphere to receive some LE and tokens back, depending on the phase and type of the Sphere

            • This may or may not come to fruition, and may require more complex coding than I am capable of. At any rate, it may be able to be done with WAXDAO Super Blends, which are also on their way. Super Blends will play a big part in Series 5.

          • The other big feature being added with Series 5 is negative Brilliance (-BP)!

            • This will be included on all Shadow-type NFTs, from Shadow Spheres to regular Shadow-type Series 5 NFTs.

            • -BP will stack, just like regular BP does. It will take from your current BP rate based on how many you have. If you have -100 BP worth of NFTs, your BP will be reduced by 100 points until you purify the NFTs, or remove them from your wallet (staking, selling/trading, etc)

            • Holders MAY NOT transfer Shadow-type LNOW NFTs to other wallets to avoid -BP, doing so will result in negative consequences, up to permanent banning and blacklisting from the collection

            • -BP may also compound in some way (undecided yet), meaning if you hold a large amount of -BP NFTs (specifically may happen with Shadow Spheres), your BP will be affected far more than just the total amount of -BP (for example, -100 may become -200, something to that effect)

            • The idea behind -BP is to help balance out the extreme amount of BP some holders have. Those with higher BP may have the ability to hold more Shadow Spheres without being too hurt by them, which is why -BP will likely compound the more Shadow Spheres you hold. Light Spheres BP will not compound up in the same way, they will only add the amount that they are worth.

        • Alongside Series 5, WBR levels will also be reworked. The reason for this is due to, again, the extreme ramp-up of the BP that happened during the initial pack drops of Series 3, specifically during the BP Leaderboard Challenge. I did not expect that to happen in the way it did. This is not to disparage anyone, I appreciate every single buyer of all LNOW assets, both big and small. I just didn't expect it to mess with the WBR system as much as it has seemed to. For these reasons, I'm working on a revamp to the system.

      • These new additions will be used throughout the whole of LNOW, not just for Series 5.

        On September 27th, I was in a near-fatal car accident and broke my left femur in half, and completely shattered my entire right heel bone. This caused a major setback in nearly everything related to the project, and my life. As of now (1/30/23), I am still healing, but am trying my very best to keep LNOW going and moving forward. I've decided over that time to make a few changes to the previously designed Light Sphere system; we will be getting rid of some components, while keeping others. This is to make it a bit more streamlined, while still retaining the central idea of what it was designed to do. The updates section will be refreshed ASAP, but the biggest updates to the project since September came in December/January, when LNOW put together an amazing multi-collection giveaway featuring 9 different collections on WAX (and LNOW), with an insane prize pool!
        Collaboration efforts with multiple projects were also started from September-January, the first of them coming to fruition with the TMDC City/LNOW NFT collab! This will bring even more utility and choice to LNOW (and the collaborating projects!), and I can't wait for the rest to come!