This is the CD Shop! Here you can use your complete CDs to request a 1/1 NFT be made using a song made by Lumenascent and one of the Series 3 NFTs! To listen to a song, simply click on one of the buttons to be taken to a page to listen to it! Everyone is able to collect multiple CDs, they are made by collecting all 6 CD Shards and then burning them and letting Lumenascent know! These will become a blend in the future.
If you want to create a 1/1 NFT with a song and one of your Series 3 NFTs, please DM Lumenascent on Discord and let him know!

You'll need to pay 25,000 LIGHT, and send the Series 3 NFT you want made into a 1/1, along with a complete CD and the song that you want added.
You can click here to be taken to the AtomicHub New Trade page!
You will need to send the NFTs and LIGHT separately.

These will be burned, and you will receive a 1/1 NFT of that specific Series 3 NFT, and it will be placed to the music of your choosing.
The Brilliance of the NFT will also be given a significant upgrade!
The standard GIF image that the NFTs have currently will be the same main image, but it will contain a video of the image with the music as well. These will also be placed in a special schema. There will also be a link to the song link, and you can download it and use it as you'd like.
(You may not sell it or use it for commercial purposes without my permission first, you are being given the rights to the music coupled with the NFT, not the music alone)

Only one person may create each 1/1 combination! If you choose an NFT+song that has already been created, I will let you know, and you will either need to purchase/trade it from the owner, or choose a different combination.

If you are an artist and want to collaborate with Lumenascent, please reach out on Discord!

You may also hold on to the CD to be eligible for the extremely limited multimedia Series 3 NFTs coming in the future!