How To Buy LHC NFTs

It's easy to buy NFTs on the WAX network!
All you need to do is visit this site (NeftyBlocks), sign in with your WAX wallet of choice, and click on the magnifying glass icon on the page, then search for the collection you want to purchase from! For example, if you wanted to search for LNOW NFTs, you would type "lhcnftsonwax" in the search bar, and it will bring up the collection page!
Note: Currently LNOW is not whitelisted or verified with NeftyBlocks, so the collection will actually not show up in the search bar, you'll need to visit the drop page link directly until we get whitelisted)

It will automatically bring you to the Drop page for the collection, which will always show the most recent/upcoming drops from the collection. Click "Buy" under the drop that you want to purchase or claim (it says "Buy" for free drops as well), and click again in the next page to purchase it!
The same process applies to
AtomicHub, for the most part, except that drops are only accessible via links created by the collection, so there is no drop page on AtomicHub. NeftyBlocks has basically all of the features that Atomic has, so you are able to buy and sell your NFTs on the secondary marketplace there, too! You also earn their currency, $NEFTY, back with every sale and purchase made on Nefty!
(If you need help setting up a WAX wallet, go to our
homepage to check out the WAX tutorials!)

Currently, NeftyBlocks, the second biggest marketplace on WAX, has the best format for
collections to sell their NFTs on, so we've moved all of our drops from AtomicHub over to NeftyBlocks.

Our drops are currently listed exclusively on NeftyBlocks
The drop page will always be listed at top of the pages across the entire LHC site!
You can also click
here to go to our NeftyBlocks drop page!