Series 3 has launched! Over 20 brand new NFTs have joined the collection!

This is the first series within LNOW to have packs instead of single NFTs, and will likely continue to be this way throughout the series, with only certain NFTs within the schema being made for single NFT sales.

Here's the description of the first pack drop:

This is LNOW’s first card pack! It contains 5 brand new NFTs from Series 3: cre[AI]tion! All artwork within this pack was made using AI and prompt-to-image generation, as well as multiple different styles and designs included into them.

This pack also contains a 6th slot that has a chance to contain a special item! Those items are:

  • a bonus LNOW NFT

  • any 1 of secret CD Shard #'s 4, 5, or 6 (1, 2, and 3 can be purchased for LIGHT on

  • 1 WAX Candle

  • 2.5 WAX Candle

  • 5 WAX Candle

  • Frazel's Firehouse

There is an error within the description field of the actual pack NFT, it says that there are 6 NFTs with a 7th slot. This is incorrect!! There are 6 slots TOTAL, 5 NFTs and a special 6th slot. Sorry for the typo!

Unpack using the unpack link in the NFT details, or go to your packs on

Pack design by Frazel of The Online Inn and

Food Monsters