Join us on Discord and say hello! The LNOW server is full of extremely helpful people, giveaways, and of course, where you will get your WAX Back Rewards! You can click here or on the banner above to join the Discord, but please remember we reserve the right to mute/kick/ban you at any point, and will do so if you break any rules.

VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST be in the Discord and verified to receive WBRs at this time!

Secondly, you must have a verified email address with Discord to join our server, as well as be a trusted account (on Discord in general for a certain length of time, no suspicious activity), or verify with a secondary account from an outside service (most social media profiles will work, as well as things like Xbox Live). We will not allow multiple accounts from the same user in the server, and if we catch you with one, all related accounts will be banned permanently, and blacklisted from the collection.

The Discord server is where WBRs and EWBRs are distributed for now (through the bot, more info on that here), as well as having extra perks like airdrops, sneak peaks of upcoming features/NFTs, and more! Plus, we get to chat and hang out with each other! It also will be where the mini-game will be playable at for holders.

We are striving to make the server a great place to be in the crypto and NFT community, and all sorts of interesting people from all over are in LHC! You can of course also learn all about the LHC NFT project there!