Hello! I'm Matt, but most people call me Lumen! (full name: Lumenascent)

I'm the creator and owner of the NFT collection 'lhcnftsonwax'! I am the only developer that is working on this project (so far). This is the Lightpaper for the collection!

If you'd like to see all the changes made broken down since v0.5, head to the Github Repo for the Lightpaper!

what is LHC?

LHC stands for Lighthouse Crypto, and it is a collective of people (based on Discord) that love cryptocurrency, NFTs, and everything else crypto related! To clarify, LHC, (or Lighthouse Crypto) and LNOW, (or lighthousenftsonwax), have two separate discords LHC is a collective, LNOW is an NFT project created by Lumenascent, the founder of LHC.

The discord for LNOW can be found up above at the top of the site under the menu! The main LHC is currently private, although holders of LNOW NFTs will likely be invited if they want to be! :)

The goal of LHC is to be a metaphorical lighthouse for those who need it in these rough and crazy waves of crypto, and to always be a light to others! We believe wholeheartedly in the idea that we all can succeed together, as long as we work together and lift each other up! We want to raise up those who share these same values and ideals, and hope that they will do the same for the rest of the community as well! I want to do my best to make sure that the LNOW collection embodies these values as well, and will strive to make sure that it continues to! WAX Back Rewards, special airdrops, VIP Tokens, and more, are planned to try my very best to make LNOW not only full of wonderful and interesting artwork, but to also promote and maintain great value for the project as well!
In addition to lifting each other up, LHC and LNOW also believes very strongly in transparency. This means that we will always do our best to be as open and honest about all things related to LHC, LNOW, and otherwise. On-chain transactions are always publicly recorded and available, and holders are encouraged to check on the wallets related to the collection on or another WAX chain explorer! If anyone ever has any questions, concerns, feels like something is strange to them, or anything else in regards to LNOW or it's direction, please reach out to Lumenascent!

The project is constantly changing and evolving, but the one thing that will never change is the focus on scarcity, value, transparency, and most importantly, making sure holders also feel their NFTs are valuable.

what is lhcnftsonwax?

This collection is set to be a collection to hold! We are focused on creating value and scarcity for LNOW, as well as rewarding those who hold their collection with percentages of ALL sales on the collection through both primary and secondary markets! We also want to make sure that we focus on supporting those who support us as well, and making rewards greater for those who hold more than others, while trying to limit only Whales buying in and holding the collection away from everyone else. This collection is meant to be a way to show that an NFT collection can be used as art alone, with no P2E game mechanic involved, and still hold enormous value, while improving on WAX-back rewards that other collections have tried to do in the past.

We will have multiple blend opportunities in the future available to blend your LNOW NFTs into something even more valuable, and are working on creative ways to allow holders to receive awesome rewards back, so that more than just WAX is being given to supporters!

VERY IMPORTANT REGARDING WAX BACK REWARDS: You MUST now be in the LNOW Discord server and verified there to be eligible to receive your WAX Back Rewards!

Currently LNOW NFT drops are done through NeftyBlocks, NFTHive, and WAXDAO!

why wax?

I decided to use WAX to create the LHC NFT collection due to the ease-of-use of the WAX chain, carbon-neutral minting (this is huge!), fee-free and near-instant transactions, as well as a seriously great community surrounding WAX! The ability to mint on WAX is also seriously easy, which adds to the many list of reasons! I feel like WAX has some of the most innovative projects in the NFT space at the moment, especially when it comes to music and gaming, and that this will only continue to grow! I also believe that WAX has amazing growth potential itself as a coin, so getting in on it early will always be more beneficial!

series within the collection

Lhcnftsonwax will have multiple 'Series' within the entire collection, each titled something else, and containing totally different NFTs from the previous collections. The first series, Occulux, is going to be exclusively visual photography and art NFT's, taken/created and edited by me and my wife. These NFTs will have no special use case besides being blendable into different variants, as well as giving rewards back to the holders of them. There will be no need to actually stake your assets to receive WAX-Back Rewards, as there will (hopefully) be Smart Contracts written in to allow the holders of them to receive a percentage of sales without needing to be staked or taken out of your wallet in any way.

The goal will be to allow those who hold their LHC NFTs to be able to passively earn WAX from the sales of the collection through both primary (directly from lhcnftsonwax) sales, and secondary market sales, without needing to do anything extra besides hold their NFTs in their wallets. There are plans to include many different Series' within the Collection, some of which will include user-submitted artwork that will allow artists to share even more of a percentage (50%?) of the sales with LHC, and this will also continue in perpetuity.

As of July 2022, all LNOW NFTs from all series are stakeable on!

Scroll down a bit further to read more information on staking NFTs to waxdao!

Series 1: Occulux

Occulux (defined: visual light) is a series all about the visual aspect of art! All NFTs within this series will have visual aspects only. They will not include audio in anyway, and will likely only be used for blending, staking, building Brilliance, and admiring in your wallet.

This is the first series of the collection, and therefore, the least technical out of all of them. Any NFT that is non-audio, visual only, and likely will have few use-cases outside of general staking and trading, will likely be added to the Occulux series. These will also likely be the cheapest of all LNOW NFTs, even as we go forward into the future and past launch.

Series 2: Lightgivers

Series 2 is called Lightgivers, and is a series that is specifically dedicated to NFTs that will be stakeable on for WAX, rather than LIGHT! These are special, very limited-run NFTs, that are released one time only. They will also likely have a higher Brilliance value than most other LNOW NFTs, due to their higher cost and to again give balance to the choice of staking or holding. The NFT farm on waxdao runs for a much shorter time than the general LNOW NFT farm, and will not always be up and running. After the pool expires, there will be a break before a new NFT is released into Series 2 for WAX staking.
80% of the profits from any Series 2 drop will go directly back into the waxdao NFT farm, and 20% of them will go back to holders as WBRs.

Currently, there has only been 2 NFTs, A Well Deserved Rest and Lightman, that has been released within this collection. The drop for A well Deserved Rest has ended, and the template has been locked. Lightman will continue to be available until it sells out, or 3 months time has passed since the initial drop (August 10, 2022).

Series 3: cre[AI]tion

Series 3 has launched!

This is the first series within LNOW to have packs instead of single NFTs, and will likely continue to be this way throughout the series, with only certain NFTs within the schema being made for single NFT sales.

Here's the description of the first pack drop:

This is LNOW’s first card pack! It contains 5 brand new NFTs from Series 3: cre[AI]tion! All artwork within this pack was made using AI and prompt-to-image generation, as well as multiple different styles and designs included into them.

This pack also contains a 6th slot that has a chance to contain a special item! Those items are:

  • a bonus LNOW NFT

  • any 1 of secret CD Shard #'s 4, 5, or 6 (1, 2, and 3 can be purchased for LIGHT on

  • 1 WAX Candle

  • 2.5 WAX Candle

  • 5 WAX Candle

  • Frazel's Firehouse

There is an error within the description field of the actual pack NFT, it says that there are 6 NFTs with a 7th slot. This is incorrect!! There are 6 slots TOTAL, 5 NFTs and a special 6th slot. Sorry for the typo!

Unpack using the unpack link in the NFT details, or go to your packs on Pack design by Frazel of The Online Inn and

Food Monsters

Series 4: ???

Coming soon!

Series 5: A Brilliant Journey

This series will tell the story of The Lighthouse, in a new world, created by Lumenascent! This is a fictional story, and will tie into the NFTs from Series 5, as well as others throughout other Series'. Series 5 also introduces new mechanics into the collection, Shadow, Dim, Bright, and Light Spheres (along with Shattered Light Spheres)!

waxdao staking

All LNOW NFTs from all Series are stakeable on!

PLEASE read further before you jump over to waxdao and stake!!

This changes nothing about the WBR system, but adds an additional rewards system to the collection! With the addition of staking on waxdao also comes a choice: Do you stake your NFTs to earn LIGHT, or hold them to keep your Brilliance?

When staking to waxdao, your NFTs are transferred from your wallet to the waxdaofarmer wallet, until you unstake them. This means that they will not count towards your Total Brilliance, and therefore can bring your WBR level down, even to zero (no WAX Back Rewards). This is intentional!
This gives a bit of a strategic choice to holders, as they can choose to try to accumulate as much LIGHT as possible, keep their Brilliance high to get maximum WAX rewards back, or try to do a mix of both, staking low Brilliance NFTs and holding higher Brilliance ones!

You can stake any of your LNOW NFTs for LIGHT on! To start, just click here!

Instructions on how to stake can be found on the Google Sheet, here, as well as in the #staking-info channel in the Discord! Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have!

wax-chain tokens made by LNOW

Currently, LNOW has three tokens under the wallet contract: LIGHT, SPARK, & SHADE.

As of now, only LIGHT has a use case, and it is singular. More use cases will be added in the future as they are able to be! Again, there is no rush to implement further use cases, and they may or may not come to fruition in the future. Check out the drop down menus below to read more about LIGHT, SPARK, and SHADE.


There are multiple ways to earn LIGHT! From staking NFTs or LIGHT on in the NFT Farm or Token Pool, staking LIGHT and WAX into the MEAL Pool on TacoSwap, stake your TACO for LIGHT in the SALSA Pool on TacoSWAP, and multiple other ways available now and coming soon, there's no shortage of ways to start earning LIGHT today!

The total supply of LIGHT is 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) tokens. Due to the token being created using waxdao's modified WAX token contract, the ability to truly burn the token is within the contract (not standard in WAX token contracts). This means that when LIGHT is burned, it will actually be gone forever, rather than being sent to some random wallet that someone may or may not have the keys for.
In short, this means LIGHT is a Deflationary Token.
The tokenomics for LIGHT have not been completely assigned, however the plan will be to burn 90-100% of all LIGHT earned through the lhcshop wallet. There is a chance that a small percentage will go back to holders in some way, but there is also a chance that it will go back to you in the form of LIGHT backed onto your LNOW NFTs, or our soon-to-be released LIGHT Crystals.
That means you would need to burn your NFTs in order to receive the LIGHT backed onto them.
Everything about the collection is intended to try to promote value and scarcity, while also including fun choices for holders to make as they try to strategize the best way for what they want to achieve with LNOW.
IMPORTANT: When you stake your NFTs, you lose the Brilliance points that those staked NFTs gave you, until they're unstaked. This means that you are able to go down in WBR level, so please pay attention! This decision was made intentionally to try to promote a balance of staking for LIGHT vs. Brilliance levels for WAX Back Rewards.
The easiest way to reach and maintain the highest (currently) available level is to burn 30 Dawns, and then notify me on Discord, so I can mint you a Token of Hope for every 10 Dawns that you burned. Each Hope Token guarantees you 26 Brilliance points, which is essentially 1 WBR level per Hope Token. This option will only be available until all Dawn drops have finished, or all Tokens of Hope have been minted. All 1000 Dawns would need to burned for all Hope Tokens to be minted.

The waxdao NFT farm has been filled with ~35 million LIGHT.
Each Token of Hope that you are minted will also give you 100,000 LIGHT alongside it.

The details of the staking pool are available on waxdao, but will be posted here when I'm able.


Currently there is no way to earn SPARK, and it is not currently distributed in any way. There is also no use case for SPARK as of right now. The hope for it is to become a token that is used in parallel to LIGHT, but this is not guaranteed to happen.
SPARK may become a token that can be used as other, lesser, things. SPARK will be used in conjunction with LIGHT and SHADE to try to strengthen all three tokens (primarily LIGHT).


Currently there is no way to earn SHADE, and it is not currently distributed in any way. There is also no use case for SHADE as of right now due to it not being issued at all.
SHADE will be used exclusively to purchase "Shadow" type NFTs from Series 5, as well as Shadow packs, and Shadow Spheres!

the lhcshop

LIGHT has one use case as of 7/18/2022: To purchase LNOW NFTs from the lhcshop!

As of 8/10/2022, the lhcshop contract deployment is indefinitely on hold. allows us to sell LNOW NFTs on their site using LIGHT tokens (check out our collection page, and therefore has essentially negated the use of the lhcshop contract.
The wallet has become the primary wallet used for the
Lightkeeper bot in Discord. The below is being left to show what the hope for lhcshop was, and just in case it does come to fruition in the future.

The lhcshop is essentially of a copy of the Virtual Dream collection's thedreamshop, brought to you very generously by inostupid of Virtual Dream!
This is a smart contract that is deployed from a wallet (, and allows you to send LIGHT directly to the shop wallet, along with the ID of the template that you want purchase, and the smart contract will initiate the transfers automatically! This will allow everyone to easily use their LIGHT that they have earned and held to purchase LNOW NFTs! Both NFTs that are available on Neftyblocks through drops will be available, as well as exclusive NFTs that only exist in the lhcshop! The launch date of the shop is TBD, but will hopefully be before the end of August 2022.

Hopefully, this will bring some value to LIGHT due to the NFTs also having value in WAX, and also allow holders to start building up their LNOW collections for the future!

the cd shop

This has been in the works for a little while now, I'm glad to finally launch it! This is a way to try to give LIGHT another use case, as well as give you all a way to make your NFTs a bit more unique! It also is a way to try to burn some LIGHT, of course! All LIGHT made from CD Shop sales will be burned! Description from the CD Shop page to follow:

This is the CD Shop! Here you can use your complete CDs to request a 1/1 NFT be made using a song made by Lumenascent and one of the Series 3 NFTs! To listen to a song, simply click on one of the buttons to be taken to a page to listen to it! Everyone is able to collect multiple CDs, they are made by collecting all 6 CD Shards and then burning them and letting Lumenascent know!

These will become a blend in the future. If you want to create a 1/1 NFT with a song and one of your Series 3 NFTs, please DM Lumenascent on Discord and let him know! You'll need to pay 25,000 LIGHT, and send the Series 3 NFT you want made into a 1/1, along with a complete CD and the song that you want added. You will need to send the NFTs and LIGHT separately. These will be burned, and you will receive a 1/1 NFT of that specific Series 3 NFT, and it will be placed to the music of your choosing. The standard GIF image that the NFTs have currently will be the same main image, but it will contain a video of the image with the music as well. These will also be placed in a special schema. There will also be a link to the song link, and you can download it and use it as you'd like.

(You may not sell it or use it for commercial purposes without my permission first, you are being given the rights to the music coupled with the NFT, not the music alone)

Only one person may create each 1/1 combination! If you choose an NFT+song that has already been created, I will let you know, and you will either need to purchase/trade it from the owner, or choose a different combination. If you are an artist and want to collaborate with Lumenascent, please reach out on Discord! You may also hold on to the CD to be eligible for the extremely limited multimedia Series 3 NFTs coming in the future!

wax-back rewards (WBR) and how they work

As of 08/01/2022, the WBR system is being re-worked due to issues of improper distribution to holders within levels. I am working on a permanent fix to the system, with a more stable formula to give rewards. Percentages will stay the same (or raise), and it will likely be some form of this:
If any WBR level is set to get more WAX back than the level above them, the lower level will have a percentage of WAX removed from their share and given to the level above them, until the higher level has reached the correct percentage above the lower level.

The information below has been left to explain the WBR system as a whole, but percentages and amounts within may be incorrect at this time.

WAX-back rewards for holding your LHC NFTs will be sent directly to your wallet that you are holding the NFTs in. If you hold more than one of the same NFT, those will stack up to a certain percentage. To save on RAM for users and the collection, we will likely implement blends that will allow you to take stacks of your LHC NFTs and blend them into something with the equivalent (or slightly more) WAX-back percentage than the individual NFTs alone. There will a cap on the percentage one person can get back in WAX, but that will be determined over time, and may change as the project grows and evolves.
In order to fund at least part of the WB reward system, I have set a 10% collection fee on all secondary sales of the collection. For those who don't know, this means that if you sell a lhcnftsonwax NFT for 10 wax, the collection will receive 1 wax from the total of your sale. We have this higher fee so that we can give back more to holders without going negative on WAX, that way the project can stay sustainable. My hope is that 10% feels fair, while also being enough to be effective in keeping the reward system going. I feel that gives us enough percentage to work with in order for it to be worthwhile and valuable!
The WAX-Back Rewards system (WB rewards or WBR) is based on your total "Brilliance" level. Brilliance is an immutable attribute given to each LHC NFT, and is an indicator of the rarity of the card. This will also add up for a total Brilliance Level, which will determine which grouping you're placed in for rewards back. Each level will get an increasing amount of WBR in the form of a percentage of all primary and secondary market sales (will differ due to secondary only giving a collection fee), with hopes of increasing the percentages given back as time goes on and the Collection grows both in size and popularity. Higher levels will always be given more rewards than lower levels.

Additional rewards for higher levels will be added as well over time.

Please note: I will not allow multi-accounts to get rewards using multiple NFTs. This means if you have the max amount of percentage back to you on Wallet A but you have more NFTs, you will not be able to send them to Wallet B and get double to max percentage. We do have tools to check on multi-accounts, and we will be vigorously checking them in order to maintain our reputation and value that we want to achieve. If you have multiple accounts and want to spread your NFTs out across them, we may be able to work something out on a user-by-user basis, but no guarantees will be made. I recommend to simply hold all of your LHC NFTs in one wallet, and then move the WAX rewards you get back to the other wallets you may use.

Along with WAX-back rewards, I also plan on distributing NFT rewards to holders of certain NFTs within the collection, but this has not been set in stone yet, so this will be updated in the future to reflect those rewards once we have a good plan in place. The hope will be to send ultra-rare cards to holders of certain cards, but depending on how it works out, this may change to blends, special discord channel access, or other perks.

On top of those perks, I also plan on trying to partner with multiple different projects within the WAX community, and trying to get our collection (or at least some schemas within it) eligible for staking rewards for other collections! My goal is to be able to have LNOW be stakeable with at least two different (really great!) projects on WAX, giving the collection increased value and exposure for current holders, and hopefully will be a nice WAX/other token drip as you build your collection!
If all of this isn't quite making sense to you, a good example of art that is stakeable, but the collection itself is not a game, is Arata Digital on WAX. (
LNOW's system won't be too dissimilar from this, where you will passively collect WAX and possibly other tokens, just by holding your NFTs in your wallet. I believe this system is the best for everyone, and would seem to save on CPU and RAM for both sides. You get to keep your NFTs in your wallets, and I don't have to write as many complex Smart Contracts.... hopefully.

***No guarantees are made on staking partnerships being made with any other project at the moment, but this will be updated over time as the collection grows and gains traction.***

Just as there will be holder rewards, there will also be WAX-back rewards for artists who submit their work during submission periods for certain Series' within the collection! My plan is to keep certain Series going indefinitely, continuously adding more and more art/media/etc. to them, while making others a limited run Series that doesn't get added to more than what has been planned for it already. Those continuous Series' (names TBD) will be able to have artist submissions added to them, after being looked over by myself, along with whoever else may join the team in the future. I will have the final say on whether or not your artwork gets added to a Series, but as long as it's legitimate, good quality, and your own original content that you created yourself, you will likely be able to have a submission entered into the collection. All different types of creative media will be accepted; if I can make it into an NFT, it can be one!
These special Series' will also be added to with artwork/media from myself, as well as my wife, so they'll constantly be growing! They will be abstract in nature, so will likely be some of the only Series' that will not cater (loosely) to some kind of general theme.
As a way of giving back to creators for submitting their art, they will be written into the Smart Contract for their NFT to receive at least 40% share of all sales from that NFT, both primary (sold by me) and secondary, forever. This will hopefully allow creative individuals within the LHC community to be able to share their creations with the rest of WAX, without needing to go through all the troubles of creating their own project as well, plus they get to make some extra WAX on the side! I want this to be a win for both sides, but still need to dial in exact percentages. The Lightpaper will always reflect any changes that go on, and I'll do my best to remember to announce them in the discord as well!

***Percentages are subject to change as the project evolves and gets closer to launch, as I need to make sure that the project remains sustainable.***

wax-back rates

The WAX-Back Rewards system will be based on your Total Brilliance (TB), which will be calculated from the total amount of lhcnftsonwax NFTs you have in your collection. My hope is to increase these percentages over time as the collection grows and matures, and hopefully I can get the percentage back from primary sales to 50% and secondary to 7-8% over time. My hope is for this to all happen in real-time through Smart Contracts, meaning that as soon as one NFT sells from either primary or secondary, the WAX will instantly be divided amongst all groups. If this isn't possible with Contracts, I will make specific roles for each group on Discord, and will tip out those roles in batches, likely at the end of each day. This is all tentative and subject to change, but it is my goal to make it all work out in this way, with these numbers or more.

The percentage that you get back will be split across all other users within that grouping.
If there are more users in a lower level than there are in the level above it, percentages will be shifted to ensure that higher levels are rewards with more WAX per person than the lower levels. Higher levels will always receive more rewards than the levels below them.

The percentages are as follows (subject to change at any time):

Primary Market Sales Secondary Market Sales

TB 1-25 = 2.5% TB 1-25 = 0.5%
TB 26-50 = 5% TB 26-50 = 1%
TB 51-75 = 7.5% TB 51-75 = 1.5%
TB 76-100+ = 10% TB 76-100 = 2%
Total = 25% out of 100% Total = 5% out of 10%

extra wax-back rewards (EWBR)

Extra Wax-Back Rewards have been implemented as of June 2022! These rewards are from my personal wallet, and they are simply what they sound like: additional WAX rewards given to holders! Sometimes they may be exclusive to holders in the Discord server (so be sure to join!), and other times they will be distributed across all holder wallets. When they are distributed, they will be distributed evenly across the levels for each person, just like WBR.

Again, this is WAX coming from my personal wallet, typically from projects that I'm in. I like to share my earnings with collections holders too, though!

Disclaimer: Since EWBR come from my personal wallet, I retain the right to withhold, change, distribute, and stop EWBR at any time. Standard WBR will never be affected by EWBR.

The base percentages for EWBR are as follows (subject to change at any time):

Brilliance Level 1: 10% Brilliance Level 2: 20%

Brilliance Level 3: 30% Brilliance Level 4: 40%

other information

[Personal Note From Lumenascent: LNOW is a project that I personally believe has the ability to reach a great amount of people, and hopefully also be able to help all of those people grow together, with each other. The principles that have created LHC and LNOW are very important to me, and I strive to uphold them at all times with the collection, tokens, NFTs, and all other things that I do in the crypto/NFT space. My hope is that LNOW (and concurrently, LHC) will grow to be a well-known community within the WAX space, that people will regard highly as a project that cares about it's holders, the WAX space, and all things web3 in general, and that we show others that achieving greatness together is possible.]