What is LHC?

LHC stands for Lighthouse Crypto, and it is a collective of people (based on Discord) that love cryptocurrency, NFTs, and everything else crypto related! Click here to go to the Community page and join the server!
The goal of LHC is to be a metaphorical lighthouse for those who need it in these rough and crazy waves of crypto, and to always be a light to others! We believe wholeheartedly in the idea that we all can succeed, and as long as we work together and lift each other up, we can all succeed together! We want to raise up those who share these values and ideals, and hope that they will do the same for the rest of the community as well! I want to do my very best to make sure that the lhcnftsonwax (LNOW for short) Collection embodies these values as well, and will strive to make sure that it continues to! WAX-back rewards, special airdrops, VIP tokens/cards, and more are planned to try my very best to make the Collection not only full of wonderful and interesting artwork, but to also promote and maintain great value for the project as well!
The project is constantly changing and evolving, but the one thing that will never change is the focus on scarcity, value, and most importantly, making sure holders
also feel their NFTs are valuable.

What is LNOW?

This collection is set to be a collection to hold! We are focused on creating value and scarcity for LNOW, as well as rewarding those who hold their collection with percentages of ALL sales on the collection through both primary and secondary markets! We also want to make sure that we focus on supporting those who support us as well, and making rewards greater for those who hold more than others, while trying to limit only Whales buying in and holding the collection away from everyone else. This collection is meant to be a way to show that an NFT collection can be used as art alone, with no P2E game mechanic involved (although a mini-game type experience is planned), and still hold enormous value, while improving on WAX-back rewards that other collections have tried to do in the past.

We will have multiple blend opportunities in the future available to blend your LNOW NFTs into something even more valuable, and are working on creative ways to allow holders to receive awesome rewards back, so that more than just WAX is being given to supporters!

VERY IMPORTANT REGARDING WAX BACK REWARDS: You MUST now be in the LNOW Discord server and verified there to be eligible to receive your WAX Back Rewards!

Currently LNOW NFT drops are done through NeftyBlocks, NFTHive, and WAXDAO!