LHC is only available on the WAX blockchain!

What is WAX?

WAX, started in 2015, stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. It is a Carbon-neutral, fee-free blockchain with near-instant transactions, with a focus on NFTs! WAX is a great chain to start your NFT adventure on, and has tons of amazing and innovative collections on it! For NFT collectors, WAX is a great chain to start or continue building your NFT collection; for creators it's a ridiculously easy process to mint and start selling your NFTs! Below will be a button to a tutorial on how to get started on minting your own NFTs on WAX! Click on the WAX logo to the right to visit their website and learn more!

Why Wax?

I decided to use WAX to create the LNOW collection on due to the ease-of-use of the WAX chain, carbon-neutral minting (this is huge!), fee-free and near-instant transactions, as well as a seriously great community surrounding WAX! The ability to mint on WAX is also extremely easy, which adds to the many list of reasons! I feel like WAX has some of the most innovative projects in the NFT space at the moment, especially when it comes to music and gaming, and that this will only continue to grow! I also believe that WAX has amazing growth potential itself as a coin, so getting in on it early will always be more beneficial!

Get yourself a WAX wallet!

First thing's first, you'll need a wallet! Getting a WAX wallet is super easy! Simply click the button below to take you to the WAX Cloud Wallet site to get started! If you'd like to follow a tutorial to make it, you can find a great one written by Hedgehog's Jonathan Hope by clicking the second button below! You can also use the Anchor app to make your wallet with a custom name, there will be a tutorial on that posted ASAP!